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How to Select Sand construction sand standards

The sand is the main component material composed of concrete and mortar, the bulk of civil engineering materials. The sand is generally divided into the natural sand and artificial sand two categories. The role of natural conditions (mainly the weath...
[More] 2012-08-04

Wider application of kaolin-Kefid super pressure trapezium mill to provide the i

Quality of pure kaolin has a high whiteness, soft, easily dispersed suspension in the water, good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties; has good resistance to acid insoluble, low cation exchange capacity, better fi...
[More] 2012-08-04

Crusher based high-end results-oriented

The crusher is crushing equipment. Proved by the repeated practice, cone crusher and hammer crusher, impact crusher finished tablets performance far superior to the functional equivalent of the highway requirements necessary equipment with stone. Kef...
[More] 2012-08-04

Power plant desulfurization equipment limestone mill

Shanghai Kefid Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. production for power plant desulfurization limestone mill, depending on the technology, particle size and fineness, to facilitate the adjustment of the finished product once in the case of feed size 300-40...
[More] 2012-08-04

The impact of breaking the routine maintenance of the impeller - Shanghai Kefid

At this stage, works with the growing increase in the amount of sand, resulting in the supply of sand and gravel aggregate natural sand mining operations is difficult to meet the market demand. Mechanism of sand or artificial sand industry is gradual...
[More] 2012-08-04

I want to invest in a sand production line

Q: I want to invest in a sand production line, but around the relative lack of water resources, and subsequent washing is a problem, is there any solution? A: In the process of impact breaking the stone processing, due to the fierce collision and con...
[More] 2012-08-04


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