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What's a Rock Crusher?

Date: 10/10/02      Author:

Commonly used machinery have broken jaw crusher , cone crusher, Rock crusher, impact crusher and portable crushing plant, and so on several.
Whats a Rock Crusher?      Whats a Rock Crusher?

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is to use two of the jaw plate bending and extrusion materials, rough broken or broken in various hardness materials broken machinery. Its fixed jaw broken by the agency board and movable jaw plates formed when two plates near the jaw broken when materials shall, when the two left jaw plate nesting population is less than expected from the bottom of the block. In addition, to satisfy the needs of different size markers compensation and the requirements of the jaw plate wear, but also created nesting population adjustment device, usually at the plate in the elbow between the rack and release after adjusting pads or wedge iron. But in order to avoid damage due to the replacement of broken parts and affect production, may also have hydraulic device to achieve insurance and adjustments.
Some jaw crusher also directly driven by hydraulic transmission fixed jaw plates, in order to complete the broken material movements. These two types of devices used hydraulic transmission jaw crusher, often collectively referred to as hydraulic jaw crusher.

Cone crusher

Cone crusher with the working principle of the same cycle crusher, but only if broken or minor operations in the broken machinery. , Minor operations nesting uniformity of the size of the general operating requirements than the rough broken high Therefore, in the crushing chamber should be provided for a section of the lower part of the parallel, at the same time, but also speed up the cycle broken cone speed to materials in parallel more than once the region byextrusion. Broken minor operations in comparison rough broken operations, resulting in broken loose after the larger size will increase.
Cone Crusher markers mouth smaller, mixed with the compound of the non-broken easily cause of the accident, and because of minor operations on the nesting size demanding to be worn liner timely adjustment nesting mouth, thus Cone Crusher insurance and broken coarse adjustment device operating more than necessary. Simon spring-insurance cone crusher overloading, forcing cone shell and its own compression spring rise to increased nesting mouth, from the non-broken of. Nesting mouth on the adjustment to adjust sets, containing solid rotation of the shell can be set by adjusting the thread of its cylindrical shell driven upward or downward in order to change the nesting population size.The hydraulic cone crusher with the way insurance and adjust hydraulic breakers in the same cycle.

Rock crusher

Rock crusher is the use of the roller surface friction material will be broken into bite, so that they bear squeeze or split and broken machinery. When broken or need for increased crude than the broken, often made in the roll surface of the teeth or trench to increase Splitting role. Roll-on-roll crusher usually divided into the number of single roll, double roll and multi-roll crusher, suitable for rough broken, broken or minor coal, limestone, cement clinker and feldspar, and other hardware in the following materials.

Portable Crushing Plant

Portable Crushing Plants are a series of equipments researched and developed by our company for the use of rock and construction waste crushing, which expand the working filds of rough crushing and fine crushing. Its design principal is to stand in the position of customers aiming primarily to eliminate all the barries in crushing site, environment, complicated infrustructure and complex logistics; and with the new conception of dealing with materials nearby. Wewill work sincerely to offer all the customers simple, efficient and low-costing subject running hardwares.

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