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Efficient and comprehensive treatment Crusher FAQ

Date: 13/12/30      Author:

Our company is a professional manufacturer of crusher , crushing machine efficiency in the production process , there will be some problems, solve these problems, through years of research on the crushing machine , crushing machine efficiently summed up some of the problems in the course and solution. Here we take a look specifically :

1 , idling too much resistance : resistance to crushing machine idle time is too large, this time we should check whether the plug material within the bearing closures, closures memory if the plug material , you simply open the closures, and on the inside Clear enough.
2 , product size is too large : Causes product size is too large main reason is that belt is too loose , just tighten the belt crushing machine can solve the problem of excessive granularity .
3 , bearing heating : crushing machine bearings when excessive heat can cause the bearing cartridge locking , so that the normal operation of the crushing machine can not be used. Fever caused by an excess of bearing there are two main reasons: 1 , bearing damage , if the bearing is damaged , only the replacement of the bearings can solve the problem. 2 , bearing in oil or into the dust , this time we should refuel or cleaning bearings.
4 , the sound of metal collide : crushing machine when running the sound emitted metal touching is wrong , indicating that equipment problems have occurred , in general , if the factory issued a qualified Crusher touching metal liner or the sound is due impeller wearing parts not installed cause a drop, as long as the re- ban solid liner or impeller wear parts like.

The above common problems and solutions and efficient crushing machine, crushing machine in due course factors and human factors machine occupies relative weightings , so there are problems come when we must carefully check the reason for the crushing machine according to instructions , in addition when the problem was found to be abnormal to professional advice Crusher technical commissioning personnel in the maintenance period, do not blindly turn the machine unauthorized inspection and maintenance , you can also contact our after-sales and technical personnel , reduction of unnecessary losses.

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